Friday, November 17, 2006

We Might Be Giants

Annie Baker was sitting on several different Brooklyn stoops, with the hazy glow of technology illuminating her face in the cool of the night, while answering these questions. These are the responses that come from such renegade haste. Gotta get that wireless where you can...

1. Follow instructions listed. Please cut and paste your 'about me' section from your most used internet social networking account(i.e. myspace, friendster, etc.) into the space provided:

I don’t actually belong to an internet social networking thingie. Whenever I try to describe myselfit gets way too disturbing. I will say that I like talking long walks in my boots with the orthopedic insoles.

2. Pyramids. Built by the ancient Egyptians, or constructed by visiting Martians? Consider this before you reply:


Britt? The Pyramids don't exist.

3. Okay, so 'method' actors (like Daniel Day Lewis)completely immerse themselves in roles (gangster, boxer, left foot user). It seems like they always choose sexy roles though. Describe the process of such an actor playing either Mr. Craig the high school guidance counselor, or Lance the assistant manager at Structure?

I was a male high school guidance for many years before I moved to New York and became an angry25-year-old woman. During that period of my life, I listened to a lot of “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” on NPR, read the complete works of Pema Chodron, and refused to touch my wife.

4. Compare and contrast the first cassette tape youever owned (maxi single or full length), to the most recent music purchase you've made? What is the correlation?

Uh…I think the first cassette tape I ever bought was a“They Might Be Giants” album. The one with “BirdhouseIn Your Soul” on it. I thought that “They Might BeGiants” were like the wittiest band EVER. I was in seventh grade. I think the most recent music purchaseI made was this four-volume box set called “Anthems InEden: British and Irish Folk, 1958-1970.” It has someof the worst music ever performed on it. It isincredible. Similarities: both purchases are very,very white, like maybe as white as you can get.Differences: They Might Be Giants are kind of tongue-in-cheek. I guess. Or at least I thought so when I was twelve. “The Luke That Never Was” by Trader Horne may be the most earnest song ever written.

5. You recently met someone that you were amazed by,the whole time thinking to yourself, "Damn, I wish I could do that." What is that?

I think schmooze? I don’t know how to schmooze. I wishI were better at schmoozing. I also sometimes see abeautiful woman wearing a beautiful coat, and I think:“I wish I had that coat.”

6. Seriously though: I have to go on a bike ride right now because it's 67 degrees in the middle of November, but, what is the current project that you're working on and what are your hopes for it?

I’m working on a play called “Selected Letters” about a depressed 26-year-old guy named Skaggs. It is alsoabout a 19th century fictional lady poet namedElizabeth Collins. It is also about Elliott Smith. Ireally, really hope it’s not boring.

- Annie Baker as interviewed by Delaney Britt Brewer, 11/2006

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