Friday, May 15, 2009

Lew/Bloodworks: wuht-woe

Do I really has Bloodworks next Wednesday? But I only writes 64 pages yet! Wuht-woe.

So here's a little blurb of my play which is still - eh - in progress. I don't have a title yet but I do have the story:

The play takes place over several interspersed camping trips at Iron Horse Park in Seattle, Washington. The location stays constant but the timeline jumps from various points from the 1970s up through the present. It’s about a second-generation Japanese-American dock worker who falls in love with a first-generation Filipino immigrant. She gives up her nursing job to pursue his dream of starting a salmon cannery, and the two build up the business together and have three daughters. But then industrial salmon farming cripples the cannery and tears their family apart. In the present day, the three daughters meet up after a long estrangement to go camping at Iron Horse like when they were young, and to sort through the pieces of their broken family.

It’s going to be a comedy.

OK, back to writing the thing. I've got my diet coke by my side, it's a beautiful Friday afternoon but I've closed the curtains so that solves that, and "Poison" is done downloading from itunes. Come see the play if you can. Wednesday May 20th, 7pm at @Seaport! (210 Front St. - in the shell of a former Liz Claiborne. no joke)

By the way I think this is my first self-posted blog post since like 2006. But don't worry I'll post again in three years or less.

Yeah, that's right. In 3 years I'll still be underaged enough to keep my spot in the 'blood. I'm riding this thing til the bitter end. Hi, Sharyn Rothstein!




Erica Saleh said...

It's the shell of an Ann Taylor Lew. Get it straight. Sheesh!

RJ said...

Really? I thought it was a Liz Claiborne.

"Miss her kiss her love her... Mike Lew is POISON!"

Erica Saleh said...

oh snap. I thought I had gotten the Ann Taylor information from RJ. I take it back. Mike Lew is Poison and also right.