Sunday, June 07, 2009


Patrick Link:

I love how on blogs you can link to stuff. I wish I could that in my plays. It provides an excellent opportunity for added subtext. Even a great work like The Seagull could benefit from hyperlinks. Take a look:


MEDVEDENKO: Why do you always wear black?

MASHA: Because I'm in mourning for my life. I'm not happy.

MEDVEDENKO: Why not? (Perplexed) I don't understand why not. You're in good health; your father is...well, he's not rich, but he's pretty well off. I'm in a lot worse shape than you. I make twenty-three rubles a month, that's before payroll deductions, and I'm not in mourning. (Sits)

MASHA: It has nothing to do with money. You can still be poor and still be happy.


See? Isn't that cool?

(patrick's bloodworks reading is June 23 @SEAPORT.)


joshcon80 said...

You amaze me.

Jon said...

i've actually been thinking about how to incorporate hyperlink format into stage language. the increasing use of cutaways shows that we are looking at text/time/space differently. check out "the intelligent design of jenny chow" for a good example.

Erica Saleh said...

oh plink. why you so good?

MisterMichaelLew said...

That is fucking HYSTERICAL.