Thursday, April 29, 2010

YB Cribs

I used to love MTV Cribs. Remember that episode with Moby? That apartment was SO Moby! Or how about Hanson? Man, that house was big. Or how about that one with John Guare??

Wait...I don't think John Guare was ever on MTV Cribs. Come to think of it...I don't think any playwrights were ever on MTV Cribs. For shame!

I know I would watch a playwright edition of MTV Cribs. I'd love to see what Sam Shepard keeps in his fridge or what sort of ride Lynn Nottage wheels around in. But what do I want to see most of all? I want to see where the magic happens.

Where do they write their plays??

How big is their desk? What else is on that desk? Is it near a window? What sort of lamp?

Let me start this trend. I'll show you where I write my plays and you can tell me where you write yours. I write my plays in the far corner of my bedroom at a small little desk with just enough room for my laptop, a book, and a few piles of laundry. Sometimes I look at this brick wall....sometimes I look out my window where I have an excellent view of another brick wall.

I dream of going to coffee shops to write, but somehow it never works out. I'd love to go a park or something, but I burn too easily to be outdoors for long. More often than not, I write my plays amid laundry, cat, and brick. It looks like this:

Where do you write your plays?


Monica said...

Honestly, Patrick, I love this. It's like the New Urban Monk style.

joshcon80 said...

It's so pretty! I wish I had exposed brick. We have wood paneling, like my Granny's trailer home circa 1978.

That said, we do have a lot of exquisite unicorn and Jesus imagery.