Monday, January 03, 2011

Rehearsals, Unfiltered, and You

I love going to rehearsals. Heck, I love any excuse to leave my apartment. But rehearsals might be my favorite excuse to leave my apartment.

Why is that?

Well, at least in the case of Sweet Forgotten Flavor (opening next Thursday) for a long time the play basically looked like this:

Look at how sad that is. Oh, God. It’s just awful.

Plays are meant to be played and require many a player. Not just the actors (sexy, courageous, wonderful actors), but any participant that helps spin the imagination…those who read the words “Dining Room” at the top of a scene and imagine what that might look like, or how one might get to the “Dining Room” from the “Sitting Room” and how long that might take. Somebody else might think what sorts of objects may be in the “Dining Room,” how long those objects have been there, how much they cost, and what they might mean to the people in this “Dining Room”….

…and then it’s not just some playwright, alone, making stuff up in an empty room. It’s a group of people creating stuff together. A group of people that may include you, should you come to any of the performances of Sweet Forgotten Flavor, In Quietness, or The Sluts of Sutton Drive, where your humor, energy, and even your silence will endow this “Dining Room” with hilarity or fear or compassion.

And then it’s not just a few sad souls pretending stuff in an empty theatre, it’s a group of people sharing a collective experience, where we all can be players and everyone has an excuse to leave their apartment.

Photo Credit: Haskell King and Diana Ruppe rehearse a scene from Sweet Forgotten Flavor, opening January 13th at EST.


joshcon80 said...

I don't know. I kind of like it with just you.

We should do an art project where people are filmed reading their plays aloud. Reading all the characters.

Meghan Drrns said...

This is great.

plink said...

"Laws are like sausages. It's better not to see them being made." - Otto von Bismarck

I would add plays to that list.