Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Well Done Signature

Oh hey! Look at this (in my opinion) awesome thing that Signature Theater is doing:

I think this is a really exciting and brave investment in new work and I would really love to see more theaters follow suit.
I wonder if you agree.
Please discuss.


joshcon80 said...

It's great! I'd love for them attention to some emerging writers, but this is great!

plink said...

Agreed! Totally great. Other theaters should certainly take note, as I'm pretty confident Signature will get a solid return on this investment.

Also, two of the five were featured in our Hot Playwright series, which makes them legit.

joshcon80 said...

I miss Hot Playwrights. You should keep going. Just email me if you can't think of any. I have some I've been sitting on.

Meghan Drrns said...

I'd like to sit on some Hot Playwrights, if you know what I...sorry.

plink said...


Will do, Josh. Email me names and numbers. We can get a little black book going.