Monday, December 17, 2012

Youngblood 2012 By The Numbers unofficial count of things we could remember.

5 Graduating Members

6 New Members

8 Unfiltered Productions

2 retreats.

54 Curtain Speeches 

472 miles driven to and from Lake Wallenpaupack

9 Brunches

0 Wet Brunches

324 muffins cut

48 pounds of bacon

2 surprise parties

1 decoy surprise party

65 blog posts

20 visits to McCoy’s per person (rough estimate, according to Foursquare Data)

18 begrudging visits to the ATM at McCoy’s (roughly, per person.) 

7,000 pages printed.

4 games of Ryan Dowler played

1 Brooklyn Cyclones game witnessed

0 Brooklyn Cyclones victories witnessed

An unprecedented amount of cases of beer consumed. 

14 bags of crab-flavored chips.

6 birthdays celebrated at EST

2 fancy TV monitors gained thanks to Headstrong.

18 freight elevator rides.

240 inches of Subway sandwiches consumed.

1 Red Bulls Match attended

30 times Fun's "We Are Young" has been played at a dance party (assuming we play it at the Christmas party)

120 inches of Subway sandwiches subsequently burnt off by walking to the 6th Floor.
20 Bloodworks Readings

119 emails from RJ and Graeme to the group (not counting replies....)

22 t-shirts purchased with RJ’s face on them.

1 Obie Award

365 days spent in the spirit of works in progress.

- 4 YB members who worked on this post (Orbison, Link, Atik, Deans)

(Add your own in the comments!!!)

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