Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Reviews are In!

(Miguel Govea and Kelli Lynn Harrison in Justin Deabler's RED BLUE AND PURPLE)

The reviews (and our officially sanctioned pull quotes therefrom!) are in for THICKER THAN WATER 2008.

Time Out New York: "Entertaining, witty, deadpan-sweet... easily earns your affection. Sharp doses of grief leavened by abundant humor. Enough to fuel several full-length plays."

New York Times: "Persuasively sincere. Blessed with tuneful songs and fine performances." "Never a dull moment. A good supply of belly laughs, plus poignant moments and sharp insights. Full of biting political and social commentary. Fresh and bold, affectionate and full of life."

flavorpill: "Showcasing the young and the talented, filled with youthful humor and clever character portraits."

Tickets available at THEATERMANIA - use code "FOYB" for special discounts this weekend (2/14 - 2/16) only!

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Fortune said...

I went to the show last night and had a good time. Great work by all!