Monday, October 27, 2008

Youngblood goes BATTLEGROUND - introducing ColumBrunch Ohio!

Youngblood was scheduled for our regular first-Sunday-of-the-month Brunch performance, this one a politically themed event called "Ba-runch Obama." (Yes, yes, we know). But upon receiving an impassioned plea from a YB alum to come volunteer in Ohio, we decided that rather than stay in New York preaching to the choir, we'd take the brunch on the road.

So this Sunday, November 2 - COLUMBRUNCH OHIO! Youngblood will do our first ever touring production, presenting the Brunch at the Columbus Performing Arts Center (549 Franklin Avenue, Columbus, Ohio).

New plays by Jesse Cameron Alick, Eliza Clark, Dorothy Fortenberry, Mira Gibson and Patrick Link will be on the program, with a cast of New York actors along for the ride, plus some local Columbus talent.

Here is the Columbus Dispatch's coverage so far - the full lineup and a preview piece.

For reservations, call 614-448-3394. Performance is at 1pm on Sunday, 11/2 - doors open at 12:30pm for the brunch buffet.

Many of the playwrights and actors will be staying in Columbus after the brunch to do volunteer work for Election Day. We'll hopefully be blogging the whole event right here at the Youngblog - stay tuned.

The Van Fleet Theater at the Columbus Performing Arts Center - the new venue for the November Sunday Brunch!

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