Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hot Playwrights II

Obviously Will is an amazing writer. But I also think playwright Will Eno is sexy, even though I once got rejected from a workshop he was teaching. (Don't reject me... I hold grudges!)

He's sexy in a serious, introverted kind of way, like that kid in high school who read Nietzsche and always hung out in the art room. The kind of guy who grows up to be a hot Park Slope dad (which is how he looks in this photo.)

It's hot, but it can also go too far. I'll bet he'd want to go shopping for used books at The Strand on a first date, which is cool, but then he'd spend the whole time "teaching" you about his favorite books and making you feel lame for not being as well read as him. Plus, I'd worry that he wouldn't laugh when you tell a funny joke.

You're not so cool, Will Eno! What a jerk! WE'RE BREAKING UP. Wait, what? Sorry. I'm sorry.

Anyway, Will Eno is brilliant and pretty.

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