Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh, Good.

'Cause this is what the American theatre needs.


Kat said...


Svatava Candaulesov√° said...

Just to play devil's advocate, this book may just be a distillation of the kind of advice that most of the people here received in playwriting workshops in BFA/MFA programs.

Sure, it's not the same thing, but this one is available to anyone with a public library card, who may or may not have $50,000/year to spend on writing instruction.

I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss it, especially on a blog that in the past has discussed the problem of privilege in theatre.

plink said...


Thanks for commenting. I think if somebody had a public library card, they should probably read some plays.

There are also a ton of books they should read, including The Playwright's Guidebook written by former EST lit manager Stuart Spencer. Stephen King's On Writing is another good one, as is Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird, and anything that William Goldman has ever written (Adventures in the Screen Trade, Which Lie Did I Tell...), along with countless other books. Tony Kushner gives a long list that you can find online. All free at your local library. No tuition fee required. They should read 'em all.

But they shouldn't read Playwriting for Dummies. They should dig deeper, look harder, and read further.