Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Unworthy of His Love

I'm always glad to see any sign that Stephen Sondheim still picks up a pen from time to time, but I was really glad to see this.

I wasn't glad to see it because I feel one way or another about Porgy and Bess (although his letter made me more excited to see it than I was before) or the team behind this particular production. In a way, I feel for them. They're just trying to get some people interested in their show by giving an exciting interview. I mean, what are they going to say, talk about how little they're going to do? Nobody conducts an interview thinking "I wonder what Stephen Sondheim will say about this..."

But he did say something!

Most folks of his stature grow too old and too rich to write any letters. I like that Sondheim still has things to say (coherent things, David Mamet), still seems to care about what kind of shows are done (not just in New York, but regionally), and puts his thoughts down on paper, rather than tweeting them into the ether.

Sondheim! What would we do without you?

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joshcon80 said...

God, I love him.