Monday, February 06, 2012

Growlers with Fowler and Dowler!!

Hey guys!!

Growlers with Fowler and Dowler has been launched!

Growlers with Fowler and Dowler? What is that you say? Well let me tell you. It's when I, Darcy Fowler, and fellow youngblooder Ryan Dowler, drink a full growler each while interviewing a playwright. What happens?? Well I certainly didn't remember until I watched this video.

This week we interview the glorious and luminescent playwright Angela Hanks, in a post discussion of her play "Big Tex," part of Ensemble Studio Theatre's Unfiltered! Enjoy.


Meghan Drrns said...

"I didn't eat dinner." "I just got out of the hospital!"

Emily Chadick Weiss said...

Yes! 3 of the best people in the world! More! More!

Anna said...

It's so true. People should not have anything.