Monday, February 27, 2012

Ryan Dowler Presents The ESTeen Youngerblog: Wisdom on Life, Love, and the Theatre from My Junior High Diary

Part Five: On Keeping A Positive Attitude

I found my Junior High diary.

This is what's in it:


Me and Theo Henry started a Jazz band, “The Luckyspoon Jazz Band.” Cool, huh?! Theo wrote the first piece himself. Here are our members –

Trumpet – Ryan D.
Trumpet – Theo H.
Trumpet – Jared B.
Trombone – Theo H.
Trombone – Brady M.
Piano – Robby A.
Sax – Sara J.

Those are the only definite members. I feel really happy/confident about this band. I really hope it will work.


I really wanna write a song! I wanna write a million songs. And I can. I mean lyrics, tunes, everything . . . and I will. No joke. I’m gonna write some songs! ! !


Theo is working on the first WEEZER song, changing it to instrumental. I can’t wait.


Me and Theo are both working on maybe our best song yet for the band, 6Naked. The secret behind the song is that it’s about the “Blossom” character Six. There are NO lyrics. There is an instrumental solo for each major part of the body: the legs, hips, stomach, chest, neck, lips, eyes, and hair. The legs and neck are the same percussion part. Don’t take us for perverts. It’s only a song about beauty. The foremost symbol of beauty – the woman. I hope it will come out as beautifully as I hope/expect.


The band is taking off slowly. Very slowly. Very very slowly. Theo’s working on the Trumpet 1 part on “Buddy Holly”, Robby’s working on the piano part for “Untitled”, Shaun hasn’t gotten his drum set, Brad Davis doesn’t know if he can join. Theo’s working on the wrong songs. We need to be working on Lump, 1 . . 2 . . 3 . . 4, and Kitty. Faster, we need to work FASTER. Theo needs a more positive attitude.

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