Monday, November 19, 2012

Unfiltered, as seen on GChat

September 19, 2011

Willie: oh hey unfiltered!
 me: ah
3:58 PM Willie: that's awesome!
 me: thanks!
 Willie: that wasn't even the one you did for bloodworks, right?
 me: no
4:00 PM Willie: when did they tell you?
4:01 PM me: last week
4:02 PM Willie: and you didn't tell me???
  i cannot trust you, chiara atik

October 8, 2011
me: In writing?
  you go write
 Patrick: oh, right
  to direct your piece?
 me: yeah, thoughts?
 Patrick: I really like him a lot

October 12, 2011
me: But seriously
  what are you wearing tomorrow
  for the photo.
2:12 PM Darcy: HAHA I have no clue. I'm gonna be naked

Darcy Who do you have definitely cast?
 me: Jay Patterson
  Jared Macguire
  and i BELIEVE grant harrison?
2:32 PM Darcy: Jared and Grant are gonna KILL that shit. Are you guys reading Emma? You should've seen her in my A4T last night, they all clicked into it and she especially was phenomenal.

October 17, 2011

me: The point of all this is............. I KNEW this would happen and I am also nervous about the asking for trouble picture.
  4:01 PM 
RJ: (it's the Unfiltered picture, technically, and I'm not sure you're going to love it)

October 18, 2011

me: tomorrow is FINALLY the first rehearsal for my unfiltered

5 minutes
11:19 AM Patrick: nice!
  all cast?
  who'd you end up with?
 me: emma. dufault. jared macguire. cathy curtin. jay patterson. Grant Harrison.
11:20 AM Patrick: nice!
11:25 AM me: i think i will bring donuts.
 Patrick: nice

November 5, 2011

me: i just saw the flyer
12:18 AM WANNA SEE????!!!!!!
12:19 AM Darcy: YEAH!!!
12:21 AM That's actually pretty fucking awesome.
 me: i love it
 Darcy: And far enough away that I feel ok about it
 me: RIGHT?!?!
  you can barely see my face
  it's PERFECT
  i am so glad we reshot.

November 12, 2011

12:24 PM 
erica: how are you?!
  is opening pushed back?
 me: yeah.
12:25 PM erica: Ugh. that suuuucks
November 14, 2011

Patrickremind the group to blog
  or blog about your play
  what are you doing? blog about it
 me: i will have nothing
  to say
  if i blog about it right now
 Patrick: that's not a problem
  that would be awesome

November 15, 2011
me: The show runs an hour and forty minutes long
 erica: holy shit
  oh honey

November 16, 2011
me: How do most
  other people feel
  the night before
  their unfiltered.

7 minutes
3:02 PM RJlike they should probably quit writing playsmostly

November 19, 2011

Patrick: feeling good?
10:18 AM me: i'm feeling fine
Patrick: nice
10:20 AM me: it's a bit of a
  i dunno
  now it's over for 8 days
  after all that
10:24 AM Patrick: yeah
10:25 AM it's a strange thign
 me: and then what?
  that whole set
  all those shellacked donuts
the end
  plays are weird
 Patrick: they start morphing into other things
10:26 AM which is weird
  I don't know why anyone would write a play
10:27 AM me: And the part that I thought was the worst part was actually the best part
  i thought that friday night was like, the worstttttttt. and saturday felt so far away and impossible
  but now im like, "hmm, probably will never get to drink whiskey and talk about my play wtih RJ and Graeme at 3 am again"
10:29 AM Patrick: absolutelythose are the best


Meghan Drrns said...

The Secret Catcher is the greatest thing. This is the second greatest thing. I'm so happy.

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Freaking talented writing!