Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Blogging Bloodworks: Borinsky

As my friend Eamon points out, it's easy to up your compensation if you're both CEO and chairman of the board.

Similarly, it's easy to up the glamour of your life if you're both living it and authoring your autobiography.

I guess the tricky question is, what happens when someone sets out to write your autobiography for you?

What's the analogy for that?

This play is for Ryan. Really.

It's made out of spit, music, and papier mache. And a lotta heart. And it's definitely not too big to fail.

Come by at 7 for Chris Sullivan's wonderful wookie play, and stick around for this one at 9!

Lloyd Blankfein will be there.* As will Eamon.**

The Autobiography of Ryan Dowler
(part spectacle, part confession)
by Alex Borinsky
directed by Colleen Sullivan
music by Adam Horowitz
additional text by Molly Hagan and Ryan Dowler

with Ryan Dowler, Darcy Fowler, Adam Horowitz, Ethan Hova, Mikéah Ernest Jennings, Britt Lower, Eamon Murphy, and Eugene Oh

June 5 @ 9
Ma-Yi Theater Space
260 West 35th Street, Suite 203

ps. Here's the secret history of the play:

I've been trying to write something for someone.
Not, like, for one actor to perform.
But for one person. To receive.

I know it seems kind of pointless or ridiculous to do,
but I'm doing it because of love, and also sort of because of capitalism.

The hope, I guess, is that someone, some one person, will uncover,
will - crack -
the code -
just so -
and it will open,
and spill all of my secrets.
*He won't be there.
**He will be, playing Ryan's war-buddy, John -- the guy who taught Ryan what it meant to love.

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