Sunday, March 13, 2011

Keep It Klassy

"Of course Joshua Conkel's right."

Have sweeter words ever been typed? The class discussion over at The Clyde Fitch Report. Check it out!


Grayzer said...

Hi All
I posted this over at Clyde Fitch and wanted to reiterate my message here as well.

Thank you for your provocative and frank opinions. You share many of my own concerns about theater and our collective need to engage in dialogue about shaping the future of our community and industry.

I’m a member of the theater team at a large agency and I strive to immerse myself in theater that is created by artists of diverse backgrounds.

But actions speak larger than words. That said, I would be happy to read any plays fellow readers, friends of readers, etc would like to send over. Please email me at


joshcon80 said...

Diana, this is wonderful. I'm sending this to the group via email just to make sure they see it.