Thursday, May 31, 2012

How Bloodworks Will Improve Your Social Life

Bloodworks!  The shining spring-scented end at the long tunnel of winter!  The culmination of a year of toil!  The sweet icing of victory on the also-sweet-but-definitely-not-AS-sweet cake of rewrites!  Yes, Bloodworks is mighty and wonderful.  If you want to be really cool at cocktail parties of the future, you should go to Bloodworks now, because at those future parties you'll be able to saunter up to groups of people and say "Oh are you guys talking about 'Hot Hit Play'?  At Fancy NYC Theater?  By Youngblood Playwright? Yeah, I saw the first public reading of that like years ago at Bloodworks."  I've already reaped the benefits of this prophecy by attending past Bloodworks readings and being smug at cocktail parties of the present.  Smug and cool.

Unfortunately, this year I am missing every single Bloodworks reading because I'm biking across the country with improv genius Molly Gaebe.  The endeavor requires just a little less stamina than attending every single Bloodworks reading does, as Patrick Link can verify.  You can read about it here, during intermission at Bloodworks.

And please.  Even though I'm missing this year's offerings, come talk to me at the cocktail parties of the future, when I'm the sad dope drinking in the corner who doesn't know anything about the first draft of "Hot Hit Play."

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