Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Night That Youngblood Won an OBIE

It was a rainy day but that didn't stop RJ Tolan and Graeme Gillis and even Billy Carden from looking dapper. I was there with Steven Boyer, star of Hand to God as his arm candy. We all sat near each other. Steve Boyer won an obie. He gave a shout out to the incredible people and support of The Ensemble Studio Theatre. He even gave a shout out to his talented and beautiful girlfriend who he claimed is one of the reasons he stuck around EST in the early days. (You're welcome.) He told the world that Robert Askins, former Youngblood member and incredible playwright of Hand to God was not to be stopped. Geneva Carr cried. Scott Sowers was teary. Moritz Von Stuelpnagel's last name was made fun of and he was praised as being priestly.
Then RJ, Graeme and Billy were called up to the stage. The presenters said something about all the incredible work they do with playwrights under 30. Billy spoke first - said RJ and Graeme were responsible for making Youngblood the great organization it is. Then RJ spoke - thanked all the Youngblood playwrights, gave a shout out to some of the playwrights in the balcony, including Erica Saleh, Meghan Deans...and Chris Sullivan was up there, too. Megan Hill of Hand to God was smiling. Geneva Carr was still crying. RJ also thanked his smokin' wife Lisa. Then Graeme went up - he said some beautiful things about Curt Dempster, the founder of EST and said something along the lines of Billy Carden continuing to make things beautiful at EST. The Youngbloods in the crowd were wooing. Our hearts were pounding. Our adrenaline was pumping. RJ and Graeme received their Obies for their phenomenal work in Youngblood. And then we celebrated. And we will continue to celebrate and write plays. And when we all turn 30, we will continue to celebrate and write plays.

A huge congratulations and a huge thank you to RJ and Graeme. Youngblood won an Obie. Things are as they should be.


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Great blog!! Not to be a stickler, but it's Curt Depster. Not Kurt.

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Negameister - fixed.