Friday, May 17, 2013

Bonds Bloodworks : this is the biggest play I've ever written

Hi guys. 

Tuesday marks my last big Youngblood hurrah.  For I am old now.  And they must cast me from the group and feed me to the wolves.  There will be a big farewell Brunch, yes, in June, but I have to be in rehearsal in Philadelphia and very sadly won't be able to attend.  So my Bloodworks reading feels like my official graduation.

SWIMMERS is a big play.  It's the biggest play I've ever written.  Not just in cast size, but in's a bit of a departure for me.  I had a lot of fun writing it and I've had a lot of fun working on it over the past several months with director Portia Krieger.  She is busy next week with Clare Barron's lovely play at Clubbed Thumb, so I'm making my directorial debut with this reading...

I hope to see you on Tuesday.  I'm really really really really excited about the cast.  Since the beginning of my awareness of Graeme Gillis' existence, I have wanted to have Graeme Gillis in one of my plays.  So this is a momentous moment.

written & directed by Rachel Bonds

In which we travel up every floor of an office building in an industrial park in the Research Triangle Area.  No one does any work.  There are coyotes.  And Russian accents.  And Altoids.  
And it might be the end of the world. 

: Tim Cain, Graeme Gillis, Megan Hill, Dylan Dawson, Lucas Kavner, Charise Smith, Annie Henk, Mahira Kakkar, Stephen Stout, Michael Chernus, and Denny Bess.
Ma-Yi Studio Space
260 West 35th Street, Suite 203  

ps. it's kinda hot in there, so don't wear a lot of clothes but do bring a lot of water.

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