Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cheers to Bloodworks!

In honor of Youngblood's upcoming full-length reading series BLOODWORKS, here's a look back at some fun times we had during the year.

Lucy Teitler and Lucy Gillespie read the EST Sloan commissioned play Lucy. Predictable. In the background, Co-artistic director of Youngblood, Graeme Gillis, wishes he were named Lucy.

From left to right: In the Ensemble Studio Theatre lobby, Youngblood playwrights Cory Finley, Patrick Link, Leah Nanako Winkler, Lydia Blaisdell, Willie Orbison, Chiara Atik and Mary Hamilton wait with Budweiser for inspiration.

 Chiara Atik and Clare Barron live it up at Youngblood's favorite bar, McCoys.

Graeme Gillis and Patrick Link enjoy RJ Tolan's favorite game.

Darcy Fowler and Dylan Dawson are graduating from Youngblood this year cause they're so damn old. If you want to make an award for all-around awesomeness, we recommend sculpting the faces of these two and using that as the trophy.

It's been a great season. And now the best part - the Bloodworks batting order:

7pm - Leah Nanako Winkler
9pm - Lucy Gillespie

260 West 35th Street, Suite #203
between 8th and 7th

Coming up:
Tue 5/21
7pm Rachel Bonds

Wed 5/22
7pm Tony Meneses
9pm Will Snider

Wed 5/29
7pm Krista Knight
9pm Cory Finley

Mon 6/3
7pm Willie Orbison
9pm Dylan Dawson

Wed 6/5
7pm Christopher Sullivan
9pm Alex Borinsky

Mon 6/10
7pm Mary Hamilton
9pm Lucy Teitler

Wed 6/12
7pm Lydia Blaisdell
9pm Patrick Link and Eric March

Mon 6/17
7pm Emily Chadick Weiss
9pm Zhu Yi

Wed 6/19
7pm Chiara Atik
9pm Brendan Hill

Mon 6/24
7pm Jen Silverman
9pm Darcy Fowler

Wed 6/25
7pm Clare Barron
9pm Eric Dufault
Readings are FREE
No reservations necessary

SPECIAL THANKS to our friends at

Ma-Yi Theater Company

for hosting BLOODWORKS 2013!

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