Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.


Blooming cherry blossoms!  

Snow-white legs in sundresses!  

AC in the Subway!  

It must be May!  

(How the f%&k did that happen!?)

From every corner of New York City* the sounds of tap-tap-tapping rise to a fierce crescendo as Youngblood writers scramble to finish their Bloodworks Drafts.

Will they succeed and triumph and go on to successful, fabulous careers filled with artistic gratification and recognition and commissions and money and accolades and CB2 furniture, purchased brand new and paid for in cash?

Or will they fail, and, you know, just keep it small, not invite too many people because I really just want to hear it out loud anyway, and see how people react and figure out my next steps because I'm at this new stage in my process and this is a real left-turn for me artistically anyway, so you know.  It's like, it's not a big deal.  I'm not worried.  It is what it is, you know?.....................

Ma Yi Studio Space
260 West 35th Street, Suite 203
Free Admission!!
Cheap Beer!!

Leah Nanako Winkler's COPE @ 7pm!
Directed by Morgan Gould
Featuring Eugene Oh, Katie Broad, Allison Buck, Stephen Stout, Jason Liebman, and TBA
Risa, a young journalist, spends three weeks observing and studying the COPE clinic- a research center for young adults with prodromal symptoms to schizophrenia. As she gets to know the patients living on the edge of reality, she begins to wonder at what cost the decent of madness can be predicted.

Lucy Gillespie's THE FORUM @ 9pm!
Directed by Luke Harlan
Featuring Graeme Gillis, Ethan Hova, Bob Jaffe, Britt Lower, Allyson Morgan, Christopher Burris, Hanna Cheek and TBA

A group of idealistic strangers gather in a city park to protest the disparity of wealth created by their country's malevolent corporate culture. Will they prevail, or will too many cooks spoil the revolution?

  * Except Staten Island.  Why would anyone live in Staten Island?


Maxcraft said...

Hi Guys. Its Max, RJS Son. I Have Blogs At veyronmine.blogspot.com and maxnobully.blogspot.com

RJ said...

Oh my god, Max. Clearly I have to add "teach how to camouflage self-promotion" to my parenting do-list.

Lucy Gillespie said...

Hi Max! I can't wait to visit your blog...just as soon as you see my play! (RJ, is he too young for the harsh realities of the cold, cruel world, or am I doing you a favor?)

RJ said...

Favor. 100%.