Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meet Alex Borinsky

In true tit-for-tat fashion, new Youngblood member Darcy Fowler now profiles fellow freshman Alex Borinsky.
So sayeth Darcy:
Alex Borinsky. I walked into Grey Dog. He was sitting at a small table, scribbling away in his notebook, black coffee by his side. He looked focused, thoughtful, calm. A hint of a smile on his face. It made me smile. I think I figured out why. There’s a light that emanates from him.
The Place
He grew up in Baltimore Maryland, home of John Waters and The Wire. Baltimore, he says, is a very dear but troubled city. Never too big for it’s britches, which was something that Alex seemed to appreciate. Maryland’s also known for it’s jousting. Alex doesn’t joust. Not even a little.
The People
Some of Alex’s favorites include Chekhov, Beckett and to my excitement, The Muppets. He resonates with Gonzo, the strange and kind hearted Muppet that may or may not be from outer space. Favorite Muppet moment: “There’s a skit where Zero Mostel talks about his fears, and all these scary looking Muppets appear.” I you tubed it. It’s incredible. [Ed: link here.  Plus, check out what Zero gets up to behind Sam the Eagle around 5:30 of this one.]
The Playwright
Alex found his love for writing through poetry. But that was really just for himself. He found his love for playwriting at Yale. He talked about one particularly amazing teacher whose very being “oozed the pleasure of making plays and using language.” She always put emphasis on the joy of the process.
Also while at Yale, Alex (who is also an actor) worked with an experimental theatre group called the Control Group. They stretched themselves, experimented and explored. They made plays in houses, and backyards, and lit fires on rooftops during performances.
At school, Alex wrote his first play: The Polish Egg Man, and he didn’t look back.
The Present
He is currently part of the theatre company American Centaur, a group that puts playful twists on Shakespeare (americancentaur.weebly.com). He’s also a huge fan of dance, and his serious obsession with American Puritans is just starting to reemerge.
Alex presently lives in Harlem, amongst many picturesque dilapidated buildings.

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