Monday, November 15, 2010

Petition to Reconsider the 2010 Wasserstein Prize; Reading Series for Jilted Finalists

Elyse Singer (as well as Carson Kreitzer, Kate Moira Ryan, and Zakiyyah Alexander) have put together a petition asking TDF to reconsider their decision not to award the 2010 Wasserstein Prize (see previous Youngblog post for further details). Please consider signing the petition here.

The petition software is a bit finicky, so after you've signed it please double-check to make sure that your name is listed. There is a preview page, a signing page, etc., but if you receive a message saying "Thank you for signing" you're good to go.

Over at 2AMt there's a proposal to produce a national festival of readings of the nineteen finalists' plays and live-stream the readings online. If you have a theater company that would be interested in participating, or if you're one of the finalists and feel comfortable stepping forward, or if you're merely curious, read about it here.


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