Monday, February 07, 2011

Everybody Is A Critic

An older gentleman poked his head into the office before The Sluts of Sutton Drive to ask, "Would you mind turning the music down in there? It's terribly loud." We also had a few walkouts with each performance. As I predicted, the show was a little divisive. I kept telling myself that it's okay for people to dislike a comedy with strip teases, eye gauging, dismembered penises, and bombs going off. Mostly people were really into it, but it was also kind of hysterical when they weren't.

Overheard in the EST Lobby:

"There's a SECOND act? How can we be expected to sit through that?"

"It's derivative and immature, but at least the actors are okay."

"That playwright must've been on Kablammo."

"Awful, awful, awful."

What can I say? I wrote a play that was punk as fuck, and my whole cast and crew were incredibly bold and wonderful. I'm eternally grateful to them and I'm also grateful to my adventurous audiences who took in the show with such great spirit. Even the ones who hated it.

Here's a video of Jem and the Holograms covering Le Tigre. Enjoy.

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Emily Chadick Weiss said...

I hope when I grow up, I can take criticism as well as you, Josh Conkel. I have not stopped thinking about SLUTS. (I don't mean your play.) Yes I do. It was fantastic.