Friday, February 18, 2011

Show Queens Go Pop

Let's put aside the issue of privilege long enough to discuss something really important: show queens that attempt to have pop careers.

This phenomenon is heaven. HEAVEN.

Because I believe in sharing the wealth, I give you Liza Minelli's Don't Drop Bombs.

And if you can beleive it, I know of an even better one. Did you know Sarah Brightman (with back up group Hott Gossip!) had a sci-fi disco single called I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper? Now you do. And what's more, the video is better than a fine wine.

Your move Patti Lupone. I look forward to your punk record. I'm waiting, Bernadette Peters- I want a gangster rap album.

Broadway As I Wanna Be.

EDIT: I could kiss reader DJK on the mouth for sending me this link to ETHEL MERMAN'S DISCO ALBUM!!!!!!


DJK said...

May I humbly submit the Ethel Merman Disco album:

joshcon80 said...

DJK, I love you. I really, really do.