Monday, February 28, 2011

Fifteen Things I Learned On Youngblood's Winter Retreat

1. We have a healthy crock pot to group member ratio.

2. There is no wrong way to make a Hot Blooded, but the right way involves a lot of whipped cream. And booze.

3. There is something in the first aid kit that will hold your glasses together.

4. Yes, Mike Lew can jump from all the way up there without hurting himself.

5. Snowmen are easily anthropomorphized.

6. There are no losers in handstand contests, particularly if an anthropomorphized snowman is judging them.

7. We love real life entrance applause.

8. A monologue about kicking a small-statured individual can bring a room of playwrights to tears...of laughter.

9. Our group feedback is better than the feedback some jerk gave you two years ago or whatever.

10. John Guare is the best.

11. John Guare's play titles are the best.

12. "Fondue for two" is best when shared by about eleven people.

13. Playwrights are great storytellers and even better laughers.

14. People are not necessarily adverse to paying a clown ten thousand dollars per weekend, but they'll have to think more about what they'd like the clown to do to really earn that money.

15. You don't need sleep.


joshcon80 said...

Angela and Chris need sleep.

Christopher Sullivan said...

I can take credit for at least three of these.