Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"The Talls" at Second Stage Uptown

"The Talls", a play of mine that was part of Youngblood's Bloodworks series last summer, will receive it's world premiere at Second Stage's Uptown space this August (1st-27th) as part of their ninth annual summer series (alongside Michael Mitnick's play "Sex Lives of Our Parents" in the June/July slot). I couldn't be more psyched!

The fabulous Carolyn Cantor will be directing and I couldn't say better things about the folks at Second Stage.

A description of "The Talls" from Playbill:

"The Clarke family is dealing with some very tall problems. Just ask 17-year-old Isabelle Clarke. Negotiating Catholicism, politics and virginity in the 1970s can make the tallest girl feel really small. A comic drama about coming of age when life's lessons come in all sizes."

There will be very tall people on stage. I hope that you can make it in August!


Anna said...

I expect a call from your casting agent any day now, you know.

Huge congrats, Anna! I'll be there!*

*(Onstage every night)

Meghan Drrns said...

Congratulations Anna! Yours is a victory for the talls in all of us. Especially Anna M.

Destiny. said...

I'm so excited! I submitted and am hoping to hear from you! Can't wait for the show either way:)

Destiny Shegstad

Her Name Is Lola said...

I am very excited to see this show. I am 6' 2" and bringing my 5' 11" mom with me Aug. 13th. Tall power!