Thursday, June 23, 2011

Short Plays and Bands Tonight in Williamsburg

Tonight marks the second installment of Pony Show's PLAYS/BANDS series in Williamsburg's Death By Audio situated near the Domino Sugar Factory and the East River at 49 S2nd St. It's an attempt to bring theatre to those who are too lazy/broke to cross the river and find the many possibilities of theater that are in this city. So we'll just throw it in their faces before a bunch of awesome bands. It's just 7 bucks, and we've got three ten minute plays from YB alum Rob Askins, and current Yoblo's Emily Chadick Weiss and myself. Not to mention performances and direction from EST favorites Dylan McCullough, Steven Boyer, Lucy Devito, Megan Tusing, and Jake Aron.

If you've got a spare 7 bucks and are looking for some theater that's a little more rough around the edges and don't mind getting served PBR by a dude who's beard is probably longer that your girlfriend/wife's haircut, come on out. The more folks we get to come out to these the more we can keep spreading great theater by young playwrights around Brooklyn.

Here's the DL on the playz...

by Rob Askins

Joe's a dumpster punk who likes to beat the shit out of hippies. Jenny's got the perfect dress on for a first kiss, but there's something he should know first...

Directed by Dylan McCullough
With Steven Boyer and Lucy Devito

Written and Directed by Christopher Sullivan

Friends in a Williamsburg loft try to summon their dead friend via a Ouija Board made from the advice of an occult-based fashion blog written by a girl in Bushwick who fucked a ghost once.

With Jake Aron, Eric Goldberg, Emma Jane Gonzalez, and Erica Lutz

by Emily Chadick Weiss

A tsunami is about to hit New York City and everyone's trying to live it up before their lives are over. But what if the last person you'd want to party with is the only person who comes to your party?

Directed by Dylan McCullough
With Steven Boyer, Lucy Devito, and Megan Tusing

Followed by
GIRLFRIENDS - picking up speed like lonesome drivers pursuing foxy hitchhikers -

TALL FIRS - dishing out harmonized soliloquy to the last syllable of recorded time -

THE HOUSE FLOOR - offering the sincerity of your oldest friendships with the tempo changes of your time-lapsed lifeline -

$7 Death By Audio
49 South 2nd Street
8:00 doors, plays 8:30

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