Monday, June 13, 2011

Unpleasant Men

I hope you'll all come to the Bloodworks readings tonight.

If you're sitting at home, sure that you'll be there for Emily's at 6:30 but not sure that you want to stick around for this guy Alex's thing, try the following.

1. Ask your house big band to strike up something hot and sassy and approximately 1877.
2. Warm up your Macbook and hit play on the ol' Edison viral vid below.
3. Have someone with a deep, caramel voice (there's a certain Youngblooder you might have in mind) warm up their own Macbook, log on to the Youngblog, and read you the description below.

Yeah? You said you're coming?


It's 1877, cusp of the modern world. Everything's new. Two brothers and their dad lose everything and head to New York. Men are rich in this city, gin is smooth, mansions are fucking big, and there might be a revolution happening. There are also some quietly broken hearts.

What's that? Yes, darling, it's play about manliness, graft, and ambition for three badass women.

Now imagine yourself on the Sixth Avenue elevated train, rattling along behind a steam-powered locomotive. Oh! Watch your bustle, dear. And you, sir, hold onto your hat. This modern monster -- a modern miracle! -- is busting off the tracks and -- Oh? Where's that it's taking us?

Is this New York University? And is this the Goldberg theater?

Well, dear, shall we give it a try?


Unpleasant Men
by Alexander Borinsky
directed by Colleen Sullivan
with Clare Barron, Megan Hill, and Nana Mensah
stage directions by Justin Perkins

Monday, June 13th, 8:30 p.m.
Goldberg Theater, NYU
721 Broadway, 7th Floor

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