Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Asking For Trouble Starts Tonight! Also More Videos!

When I say trouble you say asking trouble
trouble but how's it going? You ask? Well:

Huh, okay, well, hopefully you guys have some provisions on hand. Right? Do you guys have any provisions?

Wow, that's terrifying. I'm just wondering though if Graeme had to drink himself out of his office, is there anyone around who can recommend this strange and mysterious alcoholic beverage?

Well, I'm sold. (Thanks again to Darcy and Chris for putting those videos together.)

It begins tonight! Wednesday October 5th! And it continues the next day, and the next, and the next! Asking for Trouble! All that beer! Get yourself over to the furthest west 52nd street that ever were (cf. this classic Mike Lew post for more on the subject). Go on, now. Go one and have some good times with some incredibly sleep deprived writers, actors, and directors. Incredibly.

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