Monday, October 03, 2011

So much trouble

I don't know about the other 124 people involved in Asking for Trouble, but this year I have been making the joke "I'm really asking for trouble" a lot more than I ever made it in previous years. It's not a funny joke at all which is great because that means it never gets old. Because it was already old. Or. Shit. See this is the thing that happens on Monday of Asking for Trouble week. You can't even make a bad joke about a bad joke. And you call yourself a writer.
A real writer could make that joke.
But no. She couldn't. Not on the Monday of Asking for Trouble week because on that Monday your brain just stops.
And then suddenly you're at your day job and you're just staring at your keyboard trying to remember what your day job even is, and wondering if your boss is going to notice how you are typing but your computer isn't even on, and then if she is going to fire you. Because when you decided to Ask for Trouble you really weren't asking for that kind of trouble but it seems to be sneaking up on you.

But not really. I'm being dramatic. Because I'm a playwright and it's our job to be super dramatic all the time. I'm not getting fired. And, if any bosses or co-workers are reading this, I'm still really good at my day job and never forget what it is I'm supposed to be doing, and I always turn my computer on, even if 90% of my brain is wondering if I can sneak over to EST on my lunch break to be at rehearsal. Which, also, I never did. And certainly not twice in one week.

What I'm really trying to say is that there are a lot of people going slightly dumb and crazy right now. But the plays they are working on won't be dumb. But they might be crazy. And really all I'm saying is come see Asking for Trouble! Wednesday through Saturday! This week! Hooray! Exclamation points!

Asking For Trouble 2011

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