Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Death of American Centaur

One night, in McCoy's, a couple of Youngblooders were bemoaning the endless series of readings and reading workshops that stud the new play landscape like ghost towns in a Western desert. You can "read" a play to death, can't you? Sometimes you just need to do the play.

This is an early pitch for Youngblood's Unfiltered series, and it's also a reminder that Rob Askins' Hand to God is happening soon.

But there's a second part of the story. "What if we did readings of classic plays, y'know? Just as a weird kind of revenge." "Yeah, we could do Death of a Salesman." "Yeah!" "Yeah. Yeah. Let's workshop the hell out of that play. You know? Cause in the end it'd be... it'd be.... Yeah. It'd be a really good play, still. Hm." And then we trailed off.

Well, Youngblood was smart enough to stop there. American Centaur, the company that's remaking American theater and human life as we know it, was dumb enough to keep going. Death of American Centaur is revenge and tribute -- a desperate plea from the pimply guy at the middle school dance, asking the gorgeous cheerleader (Arty Miller) on a date.

Also, American Centaur is the beloved group of lovely people I spend a lot of time making theater with. We have a lot of fun together, and want to include you.

Come check it out -- Death of American Centaur @ ArsNova's ANT Fest, Saturday, October 22nd, 8 o'clock. Tickets are $10.


Anonymous said...

are you korean?

i don t like you

joshcon80 said...

I agree with Anoymous.