Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hand to God: Now Even Handsier!

Hand to God by Mr. Robert Askins is a bona-fide hit! And we here at the Youngblog are proud to say: we told you so. We are even prouder to say that the production has been extended through December 18th! Is there any better way to celebrate the holiday season than to see a play about a devilish hand puppet? No. There isn't. Please don't argue with me. I know from whence I speak. Also this time I have backup. Dig this:

"Satan, the great tempter of men’s souls, takes deceptively innocuous form in the frisky new comedy 'Hand to God,' by Robert Askins, at the Ensemble Studio Theater.... Mr. Askins possesses a perfect ear for teenage voices and the aggressive jostling for position among troubled or misfit adolescents. He is just as good at the characterizations of Margery and Pastor Greg, whose earnest professions of love for Margery cause her to wince in pity and fear. [Geneva] Carr captures with a piercing poignancy the discomfort Margery feels at these unwanted advances.... Under the direction of Moritz von Stuelpnagel, the cast is wonderful across the board, although first honors must go to [Steven] Boyer, who truly gives two distinct performances — one all bewildered innocence, the other pure beastly vulgarity — as Jason and Tyrone."
--Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

Yeah, that's right. The New York Times. Heard of it?

So the show now runs through December 18th, like this:
Wednesday - Monday @ 7pm, Saturdays @ 2pm & Sundays @ 5pm
Sunday December 18 @ 2pm & 7pm

Tickets: $35
Youngblood Special: $25 for anyone under 30, at the door with ID
Student Tickets: $15 at the door with ID, the box office opens one hour before showtime.

Get to it. Get back to it. Whatever you've got to do.

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