Saturday, November 05, 2011

Plays/Bands at Cake Shop Tonight

Dear Internet,

Are you enjoying your fall? Is it a little too chilly, or just right for sweater weather? Are you listening to the crooners on WNYC with a hot cup of coffee? Mmm, I hope so.

Tonight my company Pony Show Presents is throwing our next plays and bands show, this time in the lower east side's Cake Shop. Our goal as always is to bring indie rock audiences to indie theatre audiences and vice versa. Sometimes when people here this on the music side, a well justified look of skepticism crosses their faces. "Short plays? Eh..." The initial thought of someone who doesn't regularly attend new theatre is that these pieces are either going to be corny, boring, or laughably avant-garde. More often though, people are psyched because they get to see new plays by young writers with similar sensibilities and senses of humor to them, and get to see three killer bands they'd be seeing on a Saturday night anyway. All for 7 bucks. By the end of the night we've surprised and converted the skeptics.

New York theatre's ever existing problem, attracting young audiences, comes from people not knowing what to see, where to see it, and if they do they're too broke. That's old news. So just fucking put it in front of them and do it. We like to think it's easier done than said.

Tonight we have three shorts by Youngblood alum and recently wed, BEN ROSENTHAL, with "For the Love of Brandon." A group of friends is hosting an intervention for their friend Brandon, concerning certain distractions to the group's activities. Orgies. It also features EST favorites Megan Tusing, Will Harper, Dave Gelles, Risa Sarachan, Youngblood member Alex Borinsky, and Erica Lutz. Now imagine them all having sex with each other.

Current Youngblooder Leah Nanako Winkler's Asking For Trouble hit, "I Don't Want to Read Your Blog" returns, taking on a problem everyone has, internet stalkers.

And Brian Otano has "Henley" about Fleetwood Mac's crisis on the night "Rumours" hits Billboard's number 1. Lots of cocaine and women who do it with Don Henley.

and the bands...




Doors are at 8, Leah kicks it off at 9.
$7 Cake Shop 152 Ludlow Street

See. You. There.


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