Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Calling all Actors!

Q: What are playwrights without actors?

A: Crazy people who hear voices and drink too much coffee.

This summer I've got a show going up with an awesome young company. Before that, however, we're going to do a mini-workshop so that we can test out some staging and narrative challenges (and so I can do a few rewrites...word to the wise, never write a scene that takes place in airport security. You WILL have to rewrite every time some asshole tries to blow up his shoes or his underwear or his latte and the TSA totally changes their procedures). It'll be a fun way to answer a few of our production questions before the actual production is breathing down our necks.

Auditions start this Sunday, April 17!

If you are a smart actor, please take a look. If you know some smart actors, please pass it on. If you are a busy smart actor, get in touch with us anyway, because we'll probably have another audition date later in the month.

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