Friday, April 01, 2011

"Douglas Carter Beane" is David Lindsay-Abaire

In a shock to the theatre world, playwright "Douglas Carter Beane" has been revealed as a pseudonym used by playwright David Lindsay-Abaire.

In a statement released today, Mr. Lindsay-Abaire writes, "Yeah, it was me all along. I didn't want people to think I was getting too many opportunities, so I split the ones I got between me and this other three-name playwright that I totally made up. Oddly enough, nobody seemed to notice."

Mr. Lindsay-Abaire, the author of Good People, Rabbit-Hole, and Shrek, can now officially add Xanadu, The Little Dog Laughed, and the film To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar to his impressive body of work.

According to Lindsay-Abaire, the release of this information was not planned. The actor who has played "Douglas Carter Beane" at galas and openings for the last twenty years reached the end of his contract last week. Rather than re-signing, Mr. Lindsay-Abaire decided to go public with his little experiment.

"It's time people know the truth. There is no Douglas Carter Beane. There is only David Lindsay-Abaire."


joshcon80 said...

April Fools! (?)

Also, I loved Xanadu. I don't care what anybody says.

Erica Saleh said...

I spent at least eight hours believing this was true.