Thursday, April 14, 2011

Youngblood's BLOODWORKS 2011 - Back at the Seaport Again!

Exciting news about the venue for our annual BLOODWORKS reading series - we're back at the South Street Seaport!

Youngblood stalwarts will remember our heretofore-favorite venue, @Seaport (waggishly nicknamed "The Liz Claiborne Playhouse" since it was basically an enormous, empty flagship store of practical ladies fashion).  Last year we were hosted by Pace University, which was a couple blocks inland but still in the same neighborhood.  The Schaeberle Theater there was a great venue, but we did miss the extra something that a disused ex-retail facility brings to a reading.

Enter the brand new Algonquin Seaport Theater.  The good folks at the Algonquin were extraordinarily welcoming, even in the face of NINETEEN FULL LENGTH READINGS in just eight weeks.  And this time we're all the way out in the East River - the Theater is all the way Brooklyn-ward on the 2nd floor of the Pier 17 mall, with a ridiculous view of the Brooklyn Bridge through the wraparound picture windows.

For those of you having trouble picturing exactly where that is:

We are extremely excited to be down by the water for another year.  Come check out the readings, drink with us afterward overlooking the river, and dream about the inevitable day when Youngblood completes our seaward evolution and finally gets our own SHIP...

Details on BLOODWORKS 2011 here.

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Meghan Drrns said...

Revised my business plan.

Bloodworks -> Ship -> Success.

Everybody: come out to part 1, so that someday, you too can be a part of part 2. (The part where you play slots on our ship.)