Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why I can't wait for Bloodworks

Many people wonder why Bloodworks isn't at EST and the reason is that over the summer EST is so chock-a-block with theater (mainly the Marathon of One-Act Plays) that Youngblood needs to find a home away from home to do our barrage of readings of mostly-written and quickly-written plays.

Two years ago to this day we started settling in to the South Street Seaport - the very venue where Bloodworks will take place this year - and were delighted to discover that on a quiet walkway of the Seaport right across from the theater there was a brand new street cart vendor who was selling steamed corn.

The vendor informed us he was brand new to the business - just starting out - and that his corn kernels were bigger than normal kernels (thank you for noticing) because his kernels came from Indonesia.

For $6, he would lavish upon you a soup cup BRIMMING with plump kernels of Indonesian steamed corn, which you could opt to flavor with a shaker of parmesan cheese or of pepper free of charge.

And that's why I can't wait for Bloodworks this year. In a word, "steamed corn."

Oh, hold on.

I've just been informed that the steamed corn vendor closed shop one year and ten months ago to this day. Turns out the middle American turistas and Wall Street drunks that wander the Seaport don't see the value in walking down a minimally-trafficked side street to buy frozen corn at a super-retail price.

Well shit.

Do see the plays though.



joshcon80 said...

"Steamed corn" is two words, Mike.

MisterMichaelLew said...

that's the joke

in addition to the joke of steamed corn guy being ground into corn meal by the cruel wheel of commerce

joshcon80 said...

We need corn socialism. Government corn assistance.

Unavailable said...

Two months is a decent run...