Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Masters of Gamecocking: Erica "Sly" Saleh

Erica “Sly” Saleh named her rooster after a dead teenage girl.

The girl’s family has pressed legal charges. It’s a big courtroom drama thing. But Erica doesn’t give a shit.

Some say the spirit of the young girl has gone on to inhabit the gamecock’s body. Julie Simmons preens itself for long hours, its crows sound disturbingly human. And then, when it’s thrown in the pit, Julie Simmons goes NUTS.

After all, teenage girls are MEAN.

And when they grow into women like “Sly” Saleh, they get even meaner.

It’s a popular legend that it’s impossible to kill Julie Simmons. Beat it, burn it, drown it, it’ll keep on crying its teenage cry.

The thing leaks an endless supply of blood! Break its neck and it’ll snap itself back into place! The thing doesn’t die! Maybe it’s already dead? Is this a rooster-girl-ghost?

Spooky, man.

See Julie Simmons: Friday and Saturday! In all honesty, it’s emotionally honest and structurally compelling!

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