Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Creating an artistic home

In the spirit of Borinsky's Defense Mechanisms series, here's an excerpt from a post by Todd London from the Howlround.
What makes an Artistic Home?

A place to rest, think, find common language and family feeling. You can help shape environment in your artistic home, or at least decorate the space. You’re a host there, not a guest. You can invite friends, colleagues, maybe your own audience. People sense your belonging. And you can sometimes lose your shit there, and know there’ll still be food on the table and some loving looks when you sit down to it. And they have to take you in. That’s baseline; you don’t question your welcome. You don’t have to earn it again and again. They take you in, or you’re already in. Probably you’ve got a key. You are, say it again, a host not a guest. No pleading through the crack in the door, no applications through the slot.
The whole post is available here.

Youngblood's ideal artistic home would have Legos, weekly cockfights, picklebacks, and may or may not be the HMS Youngblood.

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