Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ryan Dowler Presents The ESTeen Youngerblog: Wisdom on Life, Love, and the Theatre from My Junior High Diary

Part Four: On Religion

With The Gratifications opening this Wednesday as part of the EST/Youngblood Unfiltered Series, I'm not exactly sure to whom I should be praying. I wasn't always so unsure:

I found my Junior High diary.

This is what's in it:


I think the word GOD is too common and too overrated, so from now on I will refer to GOD as KURT. It makes communication more equal/personal. No, I'm not saying that Kurt Cobain is GOD. That is SO far from what I'm saying. So from now on when I address KURT in my journal, I'm referring to GOD.

KURT, please help me to have more faith. Please help me with the girl thing, do I like Anne, do I like Amber, I think maybe both. I think I'll send off signals to both AND Megan and see what I come up with. Thanks for listening!


Erica Saleh said...

So um. What did you come up with?

Patrick Link said...

I love how Megan is a distant third to Anne and Amber.