Monday, May 09, 2011

American Centaur presents

I like Shakespeare. But sometimes people like me get a little too reverent.

The company I've been making work with for the last year or two, American Centaur, is putting on two Shakespeare plays this weekend. But they're not your usual Shakespeare. We've gotten rid of a bunch of the Shakespeare, and added some text from other places. We've tossed in some Mario Brothers and The Mighty Ducks for good measure.

Come! New stories hacked out of old plays, like sculptures out of blocks of marble. Or cheese sculptures, out of cheese.

Dirt cheap, wildly entertaining, often interesting, in the West Village.

American Centaur presents:

When Richard Ordered the Sun to Set / K5

All shows at IRT
154 Christopher St., #3B (3rd floor)
New York, NY

Friday, May 13
7:00 – Richard
8:30 – K5
10:00 – Richard

Saturday, May 14
7:00 – Richard
8:30 – K5
10:00 – Richard

Sunday, May 15
8:00 – Richard

$5 per show, any two for $7

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