Friday, May 06, 2011

Hot Playwrights XI: Young Jean Lee

We begin every Youngblood meeting with "What have you seen?" This is a chance for the members to discuss the plays they've seen since the last meeting, what they liked or didn't like about them, and so forth. This often leads to big philosophical discussions about theater. Other times it doesn't.

Young Jean Lee's Lear was one of those other times. We talked about the play for five seconds and then somebody mentioned that Young Jean has the perfect hair. We then discussed the wonders of Young Jean's hair for about fifteen minutes. Because we're a sophisticated lot.

Her hair is pretty great:

I was lucky to attend the closing night of We're Gonna Die, Young Jean's offering to 13P, and I drunkenly recalled the conversation to the playwright herself. She wasn't surprised. I guess she gets that a lot?

Young Jean's got swagger.

By the way, if you missed the show, the whole thing is streaming for free. Yay, internet!

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CultureFuture said...

The Orange Hats archived the audience's response here