Tuesday, May 17, 2011

LinkThinks - Directors

This time of year most Youngblood playwrights have some version of this conversation.

Playwright: So...do you want to direct my bloodworks reading?
Director: Eh....
Playwright: I mean, you don't have to.
Director: No, no. I want to. I'm just...
Playwright: No, I know you are.
Director: There's a lot going on right now.
Playwright: Sure.
Director: The marathon, the...ya know, other writing groups...
Playwright: Yeah. No. Sure.

(the playwright turns her head and begins to weep)

Director: Augh. God. Don't do that. Just...what's it about?
Playwright: Okay. Well, I had this dream...
Director: Nevermind. Just um. Email it to me and I'll read it.
Playwright: Well...the funny thing is--
Director: It's not finished.
Playwright: Not even close.
Director: So...what do you want me to do?
Playwright: Keep me company?
Director: Ugh. Fine.

...or maybe that's just me. I hate asking people to direct readings. I'd rather ask somebody to help me move or watch my cat for a weekend. And I wouldn't ask if I didn't really, really need it. But boy, do I ever....and I have a feeling it's not just me, but writers around the world.

From Youngblood to directors everywhere: Thank you.

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