Friday, May 06, 2011

Quick and Dirties!

As you know, spring is here, and all sorts of plants and insects are awakening from a long, dormant winter. But did you know that 17-year cicadas chill out underground for seventeen years before they crawl out and fly around screaming for one glorious summer before they reproduce and die? Then their babies dig their way into the ground and wait for another seventeen years before crawling out themselves. Then it happens again. And again. Fact. It's so crazy I wrote a play about it. It's going up as a staged workshop in the QuaDs - the Quick and Dirties series produced by a hot new company called the claque.

GREAT EASTERN by Anna Moench
A staged workshop produced by the claque at the Tank (354 W. 45th St).
Directed by Jeremy Bloom.
Starring Tim Altmeyer, Ari Brand, Sarah Elmaleh, and Kristin Griffith.
Original music and sound by Chris Kiehne.
Two nights only!
Monday 5/9 and Wednesday 5/11, at 7:30pm.

For tickets, click here.
For info on the other awesome plays in the QuaDs series, or more about the claque, click here.

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