Monday, May 23, 2011

Hey Everyone on Facebook, I'm So Sorry I Can't Make it!

Tonight I am very excited to attend both Lydia Brunner and Michael Walek's play readings at The Algonquin Seaport Theatre at 6:30pm and 8:30pm respectively. I was so excited, I even said I was "Attending" on Lydia's facebook event and I wrote on the Event Wall. I was honored to be invited.

But here's the thing I've observed about facebook event walls overall - they seem to be gutters for all of your friends to say super nice things about how they can't make it. Once in a while you'll get a "Yeah!" - Darcy Fowler, but mostly it's "Awww, still sick." "Wish I still lived in NY!" "Good luck baby, I'm in hawaii :( "

It's so generous of everyone to tell us and all of our friends what they will be doing instead of coming to our event, but in the end I think the heartfelt "I-can't-make-it" posts should be done away with.

My preference would be a personal email, text, phone call, fax, or singing telegram saying that you are sorry you're missing it, you swear on your life to make the next one, and you owe me dinner and a drink.

And if you can make it, let the wall know. Pictures, exclamations, links, and general excitement much appreciated. Make our event look tight, and we'll make your event look doubly tight.

Thanks and hope to see you at the seaport tonight for two excellent events.


joshcon80 said...

My least favorite thing is when people say they "can't make it that night" for an event that lasts three or four weeks.

Meghan Drrns said...

Wish I could read this post -- still sick in Hawaii. Hope it goes great!

Monica said...

Huh...I actually really appreciate a personal response of any kind, and so, do my best to return the favor. I think it's a matter of preference, and, safe to give respondents the benefit of the doubt and assume they have the best intentions.

Though, I really DO hate when people do the thing Josh says.

dylan mcCullough said...

my favorite is the people that click ATTENDING as a show their support while having no intention of actually coming.

It's not the LIKE button people...