Thursday, November 06, 2008


from l to r: Jihan Crowther, Erica Saleh, Patrick Link (back row), Helen Highfield (front row), Jacob Murphy, Chelsey Donn (front row), Mira Gibson (back row), Ian White (middle), Clare Barron (front), Daria Polatin, Paul Coffey (middle), Caroline Tamas (front), Matt Farrell, Jake Aron, Sharyn Rothstein (back), Maya MacDonald, Eli Clark, Graeme Gillis, Jane Pfitsch, Dorothy Fortenberry, R.J. Tolan

The ColumBrunch was a huge success - the Youngblood crew and a small but game audience enjoyed pancake dinner from Spinelli's Deli, and put up new plays by Eliza Clark, Dorothy Fortenberry, Erica Saleh, Patrick Link, Mira Gibson and Jesse Cameron Alick.

We read through in the vans on the overnight drive, worked all day Saturday - spread out through the empty triplex condo we had been loaned for the trip (thank you, Milligans!), ran lines while waiting on the statehouse lawn to watch the Obama speech Sunday, and stuck our landing Sunday night. Thanks to everyone who made it possible, including the Columbus Performing Arts Center, the Milligans, the Boyers, Matt Slaybaugh and Acacia Duncan of Available Light, Kaizaad Kotwal, Michael Grossberg, and the incredibly dedicated cast who jumped in with both feet.

Friday, October 31, 2008

TIME CHANGE - the Brunch makes way for OBAMA

So: either we can do our Obama-themed brunch in direct conflict to BARACK AND MICHELLE OBAMA, who will be appearing ten blocks away from our theater...
OR - we can shift the curtain time. So let's do the latter.
Yes, that makes it more of a Pancake Dinner Ohio, but that doesn't quite have the same ring.
So spread the word - 7pm CURTAIN.
Reservations: 614-448-3394

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Strange New Yorkers Want to Serve You Breakfast PANCAKE DINNER!

Where do you go to see hot-off-the-presses new plays from NYC's best young playwrights? Downtown Columbus!

The New York Times says "Dont' worry about the future of theater as long as Youngblood is around!" - and now Youngblood is coming to Columbus to premiere six new short, funny, poignant plays about politics... and to serve you pancakes!

The Youngblood Sunday Brunch - which Time Out New York calls "a toothsome tradition!" and goes on to add "Youngblood knows how to throw a party!" - is touring for the first time. See all six plays, with a hot Brunch Buffet (pancakes, eggs, bacon, hash browns, pastries, fruit salad - from Spinelli's Deli!) all for $20!

Use the code "Friends of Youngblood" when you make your reservation for 25% - just $15 for the plays and Brunch!
CALL 614-448-3394 for reservations!
UPDATE: new curtain time 7pm! Doors open for pancake dinner at 6:30pm

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

Youngblood goes BATTLEGROUND - introducing ColumBrunch Ohio!

Youngblood was scheduled for our regular first-Sunday-of-the-month Brunch performance, this one a politically themed event called "Ba-runch Obama." (Yes, yes, we know). But upon receiving an impassioned plea from a YB alum to come volunteer in Ohio, we decided that rather than stay in New York preaching to the choir, we'd take the brunch on the road.

So this Sunday, November 2 - COLUMBRUNCH OHIO! Youngblood will do our first ever touring production, presenting the Brunch at the Columbus Performing Arts Center (549 Franklin Avenue, Columbus, Ohio).

New plays by Jesse Cameron Alick, Eliza Clark, Dorothy Fortenberry, Mira Gibson and Patrick Link will be on the program, with a cast of New York actors along for the ride, plus some local Columbus talent.

Here is the Columbus Dispatch's coverage so far - the full lineup and a preview piece.

For reservations, call 614-448-3394. Performance is at 1pm on Sunday, 11/2 - doors open at 12:30pm for the brunch buffet.

Many of the playwrights and actors will be staying in Columbus after the brunch to do volunteer work for Election Day. We'll hopefully be blogging the whole event right here at the Youngblog - stay tuned.

The Van Fleet Theater at the Columbus Performing Arts Center - the new venue for the November Sunday Brunch!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Reviews are In!

(Miguel Govea and Kelli Lynn Harrison in Justin Deabler's RED BLUE AND PURPLE)

The reviews (and our officially sanctioned pull quotes therefrom!) are in for THICKER THAN WATER 2008.

Time Out New York: "Entertaining, witty, deadpan-sweet... easily earns your affection. Sharp doses of grief leavened by abundant humor. Enough to fuel several full-length plays."

New York Times: "Persuasively sincere. Blessed with tuneful songs and fine performances." "Never a dull moment. A good supply of belly laughs, plus poignant moments and sharp insights. Full of biting political and social commentary. Fresh and bold, affectionate and full of life."

flavorpill: "Showcasing the young and the talented, filled with youthful humor and clever character portraits."

Tickets available at THEATERMANIA - use code "FOYB" for special discounts this weekend (2/14 - 2/16) only!

Youngblood Winter Retreat

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Click on the pictures to read the captions.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Schatz On Schatz On Sendrow On Sendrow

Video evidence of the birth of something very special? Matt Schatz and Michael Sendrow sing "Strunk And White (Rules Are Shite)" at February's COUPLES BRUNCH:

Friday, February 08, 2008

Schatz On Schatz – Prostates?

The "Mighty Mighty" Matt Schatz, featuring Ken Mendell, sings "Prostate Song" at the February COUPLES BRUNCH:

Thursday, February 07, 2008


youngblood and Ensemble Studio Theatre present

an evening of new short plays and musicals by the members of youngblood

written by
Delaney Britt Brewer, Justin Deabler, Amy Herzog, Courtney Brooke Lauria, Daria Polatin, Matt Schatz, Michael Sendrow and Emily Chadick Weiss

directed by
Abigail Zealey Bess, Michael Goldfried, Marlo Hunter, Alexa Polmer, R.J. Tolan and Jordan Young

Steve Boyer, Geneva Carr, Lucy DeVito, Julie Fitzpatrick, Miguel Govea, Jenny Greer, Kelli Lynn Harrison, David Hurwitz, Debbie Lee Jones, Thomas Lyons, Lance Rubin, Maureen Sebastian and Grant Shaud

Runs THURSDAYS through SATURDAYS, February 7 - March 1 at 7pm
additional performance on SATURDAY, MARCH 1 at 2pm
Tickets available on
or by phone at (212) 352-3101

Tickets are $18; $10 for students/seniors

For more information, visit the Youngblood website at


UNFILTERED workshop productions of two brand new full-length plays

by Jihan Crowther
directed by May Adrales
Six strangely connected people search through genetics, identity and inappropriate sex looking for love and simple kindness.
Wednesday February 20, Sunday February 24 and Tuesday February 26 at 7pm

by Michael Lew
At Berkeley in the 1960s, two Chinese-Americans must choose between following their consciences or following their dreams.
Monday February 18 and Wednesday February 27 at 7pm


YOUNGBLOOD ON YOUNGBLOOD - the youngblood writers, live in concert, performing their OWN writing and songs!
Friday, February 15 at 10pm

LACK OF ETIQUETTE - Standup Comedy for People Who Get It
Saturday, February 23 at 10:30pm
Featuring youngblood's own Ed Murray!