Thursday, November 06, 2008


from l to r: Jihan Crowther, Erica Saleh, Patrick Link (back row), Helen Highfield (front row), Jacob Murphy, Chelsey Donn (front row), Mira Gibson (back row), Ian White (middle), Clare Barron (front), Daria Polatin, Paul Coffey (middle), Caroline Tamas (front), Matt Farrell, Jake Aron, Sharyn Rothstein (back), Maya MacDonald, Eli Clark, Graeme Gillis, Jane Pfitsch, Dorothy Fortenberry, R.J. Tolan

The ColumBrunch was a huge success - the Youngblood crew and a small but game audience enjoyed pancake dinner from Spinelli's Deli, and put up new plays by Eliza Clark, Dorothy Fortenberry, Erica Saleh, Patrick Link, Mira Gibson and Jesse Cameron Alick.

We read through in the vans on the overnight drive, worked all day Saturday - spread out through the empty triplex condo we had been loaned for the trip (thank you, Milligans!), ran lines while waiting on the statehouse lawn to watch the Obama speech Sunday, and stuck our landing Sunday night. Thanks to everyone who made it possible, including the Columbus Performing Arts Center, the Milligans, the Boyers, Matt Slaybaugh and Acacia Duncan of Available Light, Kaizaad Kotwal, Michael Grossberg, and the incredibly dedicated cast who jumped in with both feet.