Thursday, December 20, 2012

Top 50 Albums of 2012: 10-1

This is it! This was a great year for music, and these were the ten that stuck with me the most.

10. Converge - All That We Love We Leave Behind

Monday, December 17, 2012

Top 50 Albums of 2012: 29-11

Keepin' 'em coming! But first, here's a SUPER COOL BONUS ALBUM (because I miscounted, and came up with 51, whoops.)

29.5 Chairlift - Something

Youngblood 2012 By The Numbers unofficial count of things we could remember.

5 Graduating Members

6 New Members

8 Unfiltered Productions

2 retreats.

54 Curtain Speeches 

472 miles driven to and from Lake Wallenpaupack

Thursday, December 13, 2012

An Interview With Clare Barron

Top 50 Albums of 2012: 50-30

It's that time of year again. We're inundated with year end lists, opinionated internet blabbermouths try and tell you what was good and what wasn't and here at Youngblood WE'RE NO DIFFERENT. To the casual music listener/theater goer who visits this blog, you might be thinking: "50 albums? Were there even 50 good albums this year? Did 50 albums even come out this year?"

The anser is yes! Let's go to the Word document I've been updating since January of all the records that I've been listening to like the big fucking nerd I am.

50. Heems - Wild Water Kingdom

I think I'm not alone in saying I want to redesign my apartment to look like the set of "Going Out and Coming Back." 

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Friday, December 07, 2012

A Question To Which You Can Answer, "John Philip Sousa"

Q: What celebrated American trapshooter, a fella some have celebrated as the father of organized trapshooting in America, also wrote a novel about a group of lady-hating men who go to sea?

A: John Philip Sousa!

Bonus question:

How does this excellent-sounding novel end?

Well! While the men have been hating on women, and sailing around a lot, it turns out the captain's niece has stowed herself away on the boat. She persuades the men that women aren't so bad after all!

It all comes together in a love story:
"If we had lost the picture of Venus, my heart would have been broken, but, of course, you saved them and -- saved my heart."
 "And you think it was a wise provision of Nature, that brought me on earth?"
"I do," she whispered. 
"And I think it was a wise provision of Nature, that brought you on earth," he said. 
And then -- if the Statue of Liberty had shaded her eyes she would not have witnessed a long drawn kiss of love. 
 Two days later Mr. John Stoneman received this letter from his son:
Dear Dad:
Just got back from long trip. My views about responsibility are rotten. Yours about heredity equally so. My bookkeeper tells me that I have drawn from you to date $484,767.52 for which find my check enclosed.  
She is the sweetest thing on earth. Her name is Miranda Bradley. And the wedding takes place next Tuesday. Come.
Stay tuned for tomorrow's question to which you can answer, "John Philip Sousa!"